My name is Teg Harper

I am a full time professional riding coach with over 30 years experience in my field. My journey

through my equestrian career has been both amazing and rewarding, liberally charged with


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I specialize in “rider bio-mechanics”. Biomechanics in a nut shell is communication, in its purest form, with no words spoken

The fantastic thing is, I didn’t realize that I have

been learning and teaching bio-mechanics for 30 years, before obtaining a title and qualifications.

Biomechanics is the knowledge and understanding of how the body movement can influence its

self and the objects or other bodies it comes in contact with.

I work to instill the courage to succeed, learning empathy, understanding, fun, and a strong and respectful relationship between horse and rider through a shared understanding of unspoken communication.

I have been fortunate enough to have the most amazing mentors starting from my very early days

with Miss Jane Hemingway from South Yorkshire, U.K.

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Today I am known as a fundamentalist

In the equestrian world, either as a coach or instructor, this is a must.

My life now is as an educator, and I rise to the challenge of inspiring and making those light bulb

moments accessable to as many people as possible.

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